HL Info & Philosophy (GT Capitals & Etobicoke Hockey League)

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All games are played at Pine Point Arena and all practices are at Albion Arena.

There is one game a week and a *practice every other week. (*practice only for U8 to U15)


The guiding philosophy of the Etobicoke Hockey League is equality and fairness. We strongly believe in equal ice time, equal opportunity and equality in the structure of each team..

In order to maintain these principles we have opted to use the “Buzzer” system within our U8 (Minor Novice), U9 (Novice) divisions. Each team and each individual player is evaluated and ranked over the course of the first three games of the season.

The evaluations are carried out by the conveners, coaches, house league manager, and various league officials to determine the skill level of every player with particular attention being paid to the children’s skating ability.

Each player is then assigned a ranking of A, B, or C.
A is for the advanced players,
B is for the average players,
C is for the beginners.

Each ranking corresponds to a line on the team; the “A“ line, the “B” line  and the “C” line.

Each line plays a two-minute shift against the corresponding line on the opposing team at which time a “Buzzer” sounds indicating the end of the shift. The next line then takes the ice for their three-minute shift. “Buzzer”, line change, and so on throughout the entire game.

The teams are monitored further over the course of the next six games to determine areas of strength and weakness on each team in the division. Trades are then implemented to complete the team balancing process.

Goalies are the one position for which there is no clear-cut procedure to follow Initially goalies are signed on a first come first served basis but it is often difficult to slot a child as a goalie because it is a position that many want to try but few want to remain at. Coaches in the younger divisions often try everyone out as goalie over the course of the season in the hope that he can find one or two players who both like and show some affinity towards the position. We encourage everyone, especially those in the youngest age groups, to give goaltending a try at least once. The League provides equipment for the younger age groups to use so this is the one opportunity for a child to play net without the parents having to bear the costs of buying goalie equipment.

Overall we have found that this system provides equality and fairness in several ways.

The system allows players to develop with children of equal caliber. We do not want skilled players to play with children who are far less experienced. The line divisions prevent skilled players from dominating their own less experienced teammates. In hockey terminology “we want everyone to touch the puck.”

The system also provides for equality between the teams. A closely fought division is far better than one where one or two teams dominate. Everyone should feel that they have a chance to win any game if they work hard individually and as a team. No player should feel that his team is incapable of winning.

Lastly, the two-minute shift duration ensures equal ice time for everyone. We believe this is crucial to every child’s development. Practices are equally important as the games itself. A team cannot improve unless players attend their scheduled practices on a regular basis. Although we do believe in equal ice time for all players, the coaching staff has the right to bench any player from the U8 (Novice) divisions through the U15 (Bantam) division, if it is felt that the player in question has missed consecutive practices. A decision to revoke ice time for a player who has routinely missed practices will be made by the coaching staff with the agreement of the convener and the Select Director.

At U10 (Minor Atom) age and above play converts to regular “change on the fly” hockey and more closely adheres to regular hockey rules and procedures.


The only individuals allowed on the ice surface at any time during a sanctioned league activity are the officially recognized coaching staff who have been duly insured by the league in this capacity. Please be advised that anyone found on the ice surface that does not conform to the definition of coaching staff shall be doing so at their own risk. The Board of Directors will not be held responsible for any accidents or loss, however caused, and anyone who enters upon the ice surface agrees to release the EHL and all its members, instructors, and the Board of Directors from all claims and or damages thereof.