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Being a Goalie in The Etobicoke Hockey League House League Program

The goaltender position in hockey is an important one and a position that we try to support and develop at the grass roots level.  In order to do so, given some of the unique challenges on and off ice with the position, the EHL has developed initiatives that are aimed at helping our junior and senior goalies.


To encourage goalies to play and continue to develop in the house league program, as well as to help offset the financial hurdles of equipment costs that are unique to the Goaltender position, the EHL has introduced a reduced fee structure.  For those that sign up as full-time goalies in the Novice to Midget divisions, fees have been reduced. 

Goalie Equipment

The EHL provides use of free goalie equipment to those who sign up as goalies.  Having available goalie equipment allows for those who may want to try playing but aren’t ready to invest in a full set of gear without knowing if they want to continue. It helps in reducing the cost to those that play in net by providing specialized equipment (chest protector, catcher, blocker, leg pads and throat protection and a hockey bag for it all!).  

Goalie equipment pick-up days will be announced before the season starts in October.

Goalie Assignments

In divisions where there are more teams than goalies, the EHL reserves the right to not assign goalies to a permanent team, but rather rotate them between teams in the division.  The Convenor in the division will work to put together a schedule so that goalies will know when and with who they are playing with.  This is being done to ensure that all teams benefit from having goalies and rotate in a fair manner through each team.  We have implemented this strategy based on feedback from our convenors, coaches and parents.